Quick Overview


1. The unemployment rate has been steadily growing

The unemployment rate in Pakistan is 8.3%,

In 15 years, the unemployment rate has doubled!

A major reason behind growing unemployment in the country is the fact that the pace of economic growth is not sufficient to create more jobs.

Pakistan needs annual economic growth rate of at least 7% to create enough jobs to absorb new entrants into the market.

2. The shape of the workforce is changing

Industries that were thriving in 2007 are struggling .in 2017.

There are new jobs taking the place of these disappearing jobs, but they are not the same jobs. Job-seekers must evaluate their abilities and experience. They may need to find a way to apply .their existing skills to a new industry.

3. Job boards are common but often ineffective

Most job boards post a job and their work is done, no assistance is provided to help the job seeker in job acquisition

People's perception is that jobs are not actually acquired through big name job boards, when applied for a job there is seldom a response.

Many jobs only make it as far as a company's "Careers" page. It's hard enough applying for a job, it shouldn't be hard finding a job to apply for.

Most job boards are only interested in building user lists and getting page views so that they can charge companies a higher rate for listings.

We can help you get a job

Jobalertz.pk is different and come into existence after these careful observations. While there are a handful of sponsored posts, the majority of our listings are culled from direct and close-knit interaction with companies/employers.

We know that the best jobs are not posted on job boards, but rather on company websites, government listings, or by recruiters within a specific industry. We have a research team that digs deeper into corporations and associations, understanding new open positions and working closely with them as their outsource unit for their human resource need

Jobalertz.pk contacts and visits corporations/employers everyday looking for new jobs, understanding the job description and only then posting on our job site, filling the job slot with the best suited candidate, and eventually removing that job post for our site to keep it up to date.

We're not interested in selling you or to you. We're interested in getting you a job.