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The fact that we are the most preferred source relied upon by recruiting firms speaks volumes about us and our services. Recruiters have subscribed in droves to our site because we help them locate jobs no one else knows about and they rely on finding human resources jobs like this to make a living.

If you apply directly to jobs without a recruiter then you will be more likely to get interviews and job offers. We show you the same jobs many recruiters are quietly "shopping" because they are not receiving a lot of applications and allow you to get "an edge" when applying to these jobs that others simply do not have. In fact, many of the jobs on our site are so esoteric and at times with such small employers that even recruiters may not be interested in these jobs. These are the exact sorts of jobs that our members get every single day and many of them have often spent years searching for a position by other means.

We offer something that recruiting professionals and the smartest human resources job seekers know you can't get anywhere else: We collect human resources jobs from different sources and make them accessible to our subscribers. Recruiters use us to give the people they work with an incredible advantage in their human resources job searches and you should too.

We have often heard people say things to us like what makes your site different than other job sites in Pakistan. We are a "research-oriented" site with a direct close-knit interaction with the employers.

By collecting jobs for our members we make every opportunity we can find available to them. The greater the opportunities, the greater the chance of finding a job, and specifically of finding one that is a good fit. By becoming a member of thejobz.pk and under our care, you get the benefit of having a personal army of researchers, computers and more job opportunities for you tirelessly.

We want to go to work for you and find you your next job. thejobz.pk works for you and the employers becoming the perfect liaison between the two entities.

The end result is a combination of more and more jobs that only thejobz.pk members are seeing. This is especially important in today's job market where more and more employers are looking to avoid "resume smog." Employers using other sites to advertise job openings are often inundated with hundreds and even thousands of resumes for a single opening. When competition is so stiff, job hunting becomes a terribly difficult task.

thejobz.pk shows you jobs that are receiving a lot of applications, of course, but more significantly we show you jobs that very few people know about. The ability to be one of the few applicants for a job, is something that can give you a tremendous edge in the hunt for a new position.

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